Contract Surety Bonds

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Contract Surety Bonds

Performance and payment bonds for experienced small and medium-sized contractors.
First Step®

For contractors with infrequent, small bond needs, First Step gives you or your contractors the ability to:

  • Submit applications online for prequalification, bid or performance and payment bond requests up to $500,000
  • Electronically sign documents, including General Indemnity Agreements
  • Upload contract and bond documents for instant delivery
  • Create an account to make future bond requests simple
Next Step

For experienced contractors with bonded aggregate program needs of up to $1 million

With Next Step, benefits include:

  • One market, no gaps
  • No CPA review statements required
  • Streamlined process
  • Ability to grow bonding limits with the same underwriter as the contractor grows

Small- and medium-sized contractors with aggregate program needs in excess of $50 million

  • Flexible rating plans
  • Supports small- and medium-sized contractors for their performance and payment bonds needs
  • Available aggregate work programs and capacity of $50 million or higher for well-established accounts