Professional Insurance Services represents the following insurance companies. If you are a client of Professional Insurance Services and it is necessary to file a claim please contact the carrier directly. Listed below is the contact information for each carrier.
American Integrity

Carrier Phone Number: 866-270-8430

Carrier Claims Phone Number: 1-866-277-9871

Website: https://www.aiicfl.com/

American Traditions

Carrier Phone Number: 866-561-3433

Carrier Claims Phone Number: 866-270-8430

Website: https://www.jergermga.com/


Carrier Phone Number:(813) 514-0333

Carrier Claims Phone Number: (813) 514-0333

Website: https://www.avatarins.com/


Carrier Phone Number:(800) 627-0000

Carrier Claims Phone Number: 800-765-9700

Website: https://bankersinsurance.com/

Capitol Preferred

Carrier Phone Number:  800-734-4749

Carrier Claims Phone Number: 888-388-2742

Website: https://www.capitol-preferred.com/


Carrier Phone Number: 866.411.2742

Carrier Claims Phone Number: 866.411.2742

Website: https://www.citizensfla.com/


Carrier Phone Number: (866) 568-8922 

Carrier Claims Phone Number: 888.683.7971

Website: https://www.edisoninsurance.com/

Federated National

Carrier Phone Number: 800-293-2532

Carrier Claims Phone Number: 800-293-2532

Website: https://www.fednat.com/

Florida Peninsula

Carrier Phone Number: (877) 229-2244

Carrier Claims Phone Number: 800-293-2532

Website: https://www.floridapeninsula.com/


Carrier Phone Number: (877) 744-5224

Carrier Claims Phone Number: (800) 675-0145

Website: https://www.frontlineinsurance.com/


Carrier Phone Number: 800-232-3347

Carrier Claims Phone Number: 877-642-1815

Website: https://www.geoveraspecialty.com/


Carrier Phone Number: 866.485.3004

Carrier Claims Phone Number: 866.485.3005

Website: https://www.gspcic.com/


Carrier Phone Number: 1 (855) 620-9978

Carrier Claims Phone Number: 1 (855) 415-7120

Website: https://www.heritagepci.com/

Homeowners Choice

Carrier Phone Number: 888-210-5235

Carrier Claims Phone Number: 866-324-3138

Website: https://hcpci.com/


Carrier Phone Number: 1-877-669-6877

Carrier Claims Phone Number: 1-800-421-3535

Website: https://www.nationwide.com/


Carrier Phone Number: 800.711.9386

Carrier Claims Phone Number: 1-800-421-3535

Website: https://olympusinsurance.com/

Peoples Trust

Carrier Phone Number: 1-800-500-1818

Carrier Claims Phone Number: 877-333-1230

Website: https://peoplestrustinsurance.com/

Security First

Carrier Phone Number: (877) 333-9992

Carrier Claims Phone Number: (877) 581-4862

Website: https://www.securityfirstflorida.com/

Slide Insurance

Carrier Claims Phone Number: (866) 230-3758

Website: https://slideinsurance.com/

Southern Fidelity

Carrier Phone Number: 866-874-7342

Carrier Claims Phone Number: 866-722-4995

Website: https://www.southernfidelityins.com/

Southern Oak

Carrier Phone Number: (877) 900-3971

Carrier Claims Phone Number:(877) 900-2280

Website: https://www.southernoak.com/


Carrier Phone Number: 855-479-9338

Carrier Claims Phone Number: 877-799-3389

Website: https://www.swyfft.com/


Carrier Phone Number: 844-289-7968

Carrier Claims Phone Number: 844-289-7968

Website: https://typtap.com/


Carrier Phone Number: (800) 295-8016

Carrier Claims Phone Number: 888-256-3378

Website: https://www.upcinsurance.com/

Universal P&C

Carrier Phone Number:  800.425.9113

Carrier Claims Phone Number: 800.470.0599

Website: https://universalproperty.com/


Carrier Phone Number: (844) 878-7529

Carrier Claims Phone Number: (844) 878-2567

Website: https://velocityrisk.com/

Other Insurance Companies
First Floridian

Phone Number: 888-352-7088

Website: www.firstfloridian.com


Phone Number: 800-628-0250

Website: www.hanover.com

Insurance Market Intelligence, LLC

Phone Number: 877-770-4051

Website: www.imicompany.com

Sentry Insurance

Phone Number: 800-338-2487

Website: www.sentry.com

Service Insurance
Zenith Insurance Co.

Phone Number: 800-440-5020

Website: www.thezenith.com

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